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Regarding Dublin Docklands, I’m not sure whether there’s much we should take from Hong kong, or Shanghai, or Dubai, in terms of developing patterns for future urban development. I’m not saying that we couldn’t learn from many aspects of these cities, but, to me, there’s a generic sameness to the architecture and urban form that is the opposite of what we should be aiming at.

A contrasting comparison, and one a bit closer to home, might be the inner basin area of Hamburg. Dispite the fact that the ‘Binnenalster’ is maybe seven or eight times the width of the Liffey, none of the water front buildings rise much above eight storeys. Both in the case of post war re-builds and more contemporary in-fills, restrained order is prefered to competing ‘wow factor’ buildings for these cityscapes in recognition that they present one the primary edges of the city, allowing a more traditional skyline of restored spires and relatively few corporate towers to provide the depth, the visual impact and the urban orientation points.

This is the only photograph I have to hand

I’ll try and dig out some pictures looking the other way which might illustrate this point a little better.

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