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Sorry to post again, but here is details of another up-coming conference on the 21st of September that might be of interest to users of this site. There is no charge but people who are interested are asked to register on one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Conference: Public Transport and Urban Citizenship: Making Dublin the Capital of Ireland

Hosted by the The Policy Institute TCD

21 September 2007 (9am – 6pm)

Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre
Arts Building
Trinity College

With major developments in Dublin’s public transport infrastructure underway, it is time for the city to address vital questions of urban design, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Involving a diverse range of speakers from Ireland and around the world, including academics, designers and policy-makers, the conference will look at the social and aesthetic aspects of urban development and consider how a carefully designed public transport system can be a factor in transforming Dublin into a capital city of which the whole country can be proud.

A panel debate will look at practical options for improving Dublin’s public transport infrastructure and the urban environment. A multi-media exhibition will showcase options for the redevelopment of the centre of the city.

The conference is open to members of local government, civil servants, academics, community organisations, business representatives, architects, designers and interested citizens. In short, anyone who cares about the future of Dublin.

For more information, see:

Attendance is free, but to reserve a place, please register here:

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