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He seems like a complete chancer, and a cowboy to boot. Though that hasn’t hampered similar characters from getting their way in the past.
Surely damage to the setting of pretected structures would be grounds for refusal (if it comes to that- I sincerely hope it doesn’t)?

One comment I heard on the radio this morning made my blood boil, though, when he described the local children as ‘overprivileged’. What a cheek. I know some people in the area with kids, and they live in rental flats, not salubrious individual Leeson Park houses. And the park has always attracted people from further afield than just the immediate vicinity.

Simply put, this must not happen.

(There’s an undertone of ‘sticking it to the Dubs’ about this that I find quite offensive too, the implication that we’re all posh richies. Need this even be refuted?)

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