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The full text of the decision is available here:


Having regard to:

(i) the provisions of the current Dublin City Development Plan,

(ii) the existence of the park comprising the relevant lands as an element of an architectural “set piece” comprising of Victorian terraced houses overlooking a railed garden or open space where the terraced houses are protected structures,

(iii) the history and pattern of use of the relevant lands,

(iv) the recent failure of the owner(s) or reputed owner(s) to facilitate reasonable unfettered public access to the lands,

(v) the purposes for which the lands are to be acquired as set out in the compulsory purchase order,

(vi) the objection made to the compulsory purchase order, and,

(vii) the report of the person who conducted the oral hearing into the objections,

it is considered that the acquisition of the lands which are suitable for the intended purpose by the local authority would satisfy a community need and would be in accordance with and give effect to the objectives of the current Dublin City Development Plan. It is also considered that the acquisition of the land by the local authority for the purposes stated in the compulsory purchase order is necessary in the absence of alternative methods of satisfying the identified community need. It is further considered that the objection made cannot be sustained having regard to the said necessity.

There is further background on John Gormley’s site in the Ranelagh category, including photos of the recent protest.

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