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The houses around the square demonstrate one of the most extraordinary feats of conservation in the capital – every single one retains its sash windows in what must be a unique state of affairs. And if we even needed proof…

Pretty much all also retain their railings and gates, and the houses are beautifully maintained.

They appear to date from the late 1860s to the mid-1870s; it’s remarkable how the design didn’t falter in the slightest over the course of their building – all the three major terraces are exactly the same. It would appear that later houses have plate glass windows in the basements (as above) with others having two-over-twos – should check that out.

Even to the rear of houses there’s not a hint of PVC – if anything even more delightful windows in the form of decorative landing frames:

Note the cheap stock brick to the rear too 😉

Nice contrast with the former Carroll’s Building on Grand Parade. Can you imagine the residents permitting this to go up today?! It looms right over the west terrace!

As with much of south Dublin, there’s a lovely muted air to the place. What was it that Elizabeth Bowen said of the residential developments… “the roads run empty as though a premium might be set for walking upon there” or somesuch 😉


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