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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

Please desist from calling O’Gara names – I’ve banned him from here, life is too short to deal with him – I just found this in my junk folder

and this

So lets just leave him alone with his jack the ripper theories.


I think it a pity that dissenting voices should be censored (perhaps there is some legal reason that I would not be aware of – but otherwise a pity).

I confess I haven’t read all of Mr O’Gara’s posts, but I admired his courage in posting in so obviously hostile an environment. His tactics may have been unwise – but equally I consider it is unreasonable to expect him to continue to provide a public park with all the associated costs when it was open to DCC to purchase?

I think more frequent post by developers might be interesting and we might all benefit from a reasoned exchange of views (I have certainlyl earned a lot from people with no Degrees).

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