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Paul Clerkin

Please desist from calling O’Gara names – I’ve banned him from here, life is too short to deal with him – I just found this in my junk folder

You have lost any credibility you might have had as a planning professional because first you invited me to contribute and then you prevented me from answering my critics.
You have treated them like children who need protection and you only prove that the laws you seek to uphold are incapable of being justified.
You are a disgrace to the men and women who read your web site forums and any other material you have published or moderate over.
you are so inept that you cannot even reply to my email and justify why you have banned me from the website I will of course have to inform the readers that you banned me and lets hope the website doesnt lose its influence but it will always be known as a site that cannot deal with criticism except by banning members who disagree with Paul Clerkin.

You have now shown that you have no substance paul and you are unfit to run any public forum.

and this

Paul, please inform the forum that you have taken it upon yourself to bar me from the forum otherwise all the scurrilous remarks posted about me might be regarded as libellous. I have a right to reply to smears posted on your publication and if not then it is obvious that you are orchestrating a smear campaign against me. That represents deliberate damage to me by you. Noel

So lets just leave him alone with his jack the ripper theories.

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