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@lostexpectation wrote:

did somebody assault the gardener and burn his tents?

Gardener, what gardener :confused:

This is part of the problem see – no gardener with the place rapidly deteriorating…

@gunter wrote:

I like O’Gara’s ‘urban farm idea’, that’s got to be perfect for Ranelagh!

Rows of cabbages, green beans, a little free range hen pen, what’s wrong with that? they could even bus around the kids from the local Multi-Demination School and see if any of them can count up to twenty!

@wearnicehats wrote:

I like it too – I’d still take a plot

Hey have you guys lost the, eh, plot?

This is all sounding suspiciously very like the Khmer Rouge to me… Oh well, at least the landlord can be first for “re-education” 😀

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