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That has left me with only one option. Farming and that is what the land is now, a small farm.


the only thing I can see growing is that pile of rubbish by the side gate.

But, if it is to be a “farm” and you are a man of the people, determined to give the Irish man and woman some independence back, how about turning it into a series of allotments. I’d take one and, maybe then, the place would be looked after by people who cared about it again.

I would consider giving you a plot next year. You would have to give me a share of your veg in lieu of rent if that is ok with you.
anybody out there interested in setting up a farmers weekend market?
I need a live wire who could organise that and make a decent commission into the bargain. 100 stall holders at a score a weekent wouldnt be bad for a start. Because its agricultural there is no planning needed.. Section 4 of the Act.

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