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@wearnicehats wrote:

You are a lone voice of support – something that I imagine the same man wouldn’t bother to thank you for either

thanks for the support Hawk, so there, mr nice hats. you were wrong.

Hawk recognises what land ownership really means.

I have been prevented from allowing anybody to park on my land and running even a temperory stall to sell my stuff there.
They got a court order to take my caravan away and then they put a tree preservation order on the trees. What has happened to our independance and our republic?

That has left me with only one option. Farming and that is what the land is now, a small farm.
Section 4 of the planning acts must be familiar to all you experts.
It says that farming is exempt development and any buildings occupied and so used.
DCC have taken an action to try to force me to remove a tent from the land and they won because a judge who has failed to uphold the constitution sits in court for their benefit handing out hefty fines for fly tipping and parking etc etc.
This fellow is a brother of Fianna Fail minister Dempsey and they are little different to the British establishment that we struggled for centuries to remove.
The 1963 planning laws imposed on our republic were a direct copy of the British Town and Country Planning Acts 1948 and Mr DeVelera as president and Ray Burke’s father and Charlie Haughey were the government that imposed themselves in the place of the British who we struggled to free ourselves from.
Dev and his freedom fighters ousted the Brits only to step into their shoes with the planning laws which gave them the power to remove a tent from the side of any house.

Since then these political hacks have milked that power to get bribes,dig outs and we end up with all the white elephants that now characterize our republic.

We actually did for a brief period have a republic of free people but my generation has allowed it to be hijacked by an autocratic bureaucracy. The councils up and down the country were formed to manage roads, water schemes and sewage facilities. FF gave them the total planning function in 1963 and they are a pack of dreamers who are holding this country by the throat ever since then.

The Irishman is no longer independant, he doesnt own his own home and he cant even put up a tent on his land. He cant own a dog without a licence nor fish on his own land without a permit. We have handed our freedom and rights to a pack of gombeen men rather than retaining them and being independant and free people.
An Irishman cant turn his front room into an office or a shop without getting their permission.
A farmer cant build a house on his own land nor can you park a tent in your garden without breaking the laws of our Free State.
A landless man anxious to buy a home is funnelled into a housing scheme that is planned by the council and motrgaged for his lifetime. The market has been totally distorted with zoning and graft.
Anyway the tent on my land will stay there until the Supreme court upholds these unconstitutional laws.
Lets hope not all the judges are in hock to the Fianna Fail party machine as judge Dempsey so clearly is.
Under the British crown one would have no hope of opposing them but we still have the remains of the Republic that might be retrieved from the embers of bureaucracy.
Luckily we said no to Lisbon or that would be gone also.

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