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@the hawk wrote:

a person’s basic right to respect is null and void if that person disrepects their peers.

NOG may be guilty of disrespecting his property, but he has not disrespected any person. You on the other hand should look at yourself in the light of the above quote. A peer is either a member of the British nobility, or a person of equal social standing,class or age. We can safely rule out NOG from the former, and by your misguided moral compass it is acceptable to disrespect him if you consider him to be of a class other than yours.

not quite sure what you mean – the word “peer” merely means those people judged by the same morals as the rest of us but ok if I have offended you or anyone else please substitue ” their peers” with “anyone”

by disrespecting his property he is blighting the landscape and treating the users of the public space around it with contempt. It is rude and not worthy of respect.

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