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@the hawk wrote:

Apart from the downright evil, every human should be respected, and should not have to “do” anything to deserve that basic human right. You have a higher standard it seems, and while i do not agree with your sentiments, I will not disrespect you. I invite you to revisit some of the posts in this thread, and reflect on the vile name calling (scum etc.) directed at NOG. I wonder how well disposed he is to negotiate ? Do you really believe that you are furthering your cause with your hysterical reflex rants? A more considered approach by all (including NOG) would be refreshing

a person’s basic right to respect is null and void if that person disrepects their peers. You therefore have to earn it back by your actions – something that NOG seems to have no concept of.

I don’t have a cause – it just really saddens me that a nice space that I used to enjoy walking past has been allowed to degenerate into a total mess by someone who only cares about making a quick buck and irritating people for the hell of it. That to me makes him worthy of most, if not all, all the things that have been said about him in this thread. You are a lone voice of support – something that I imagine the same man wouldn’t bother to thank you for either

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