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very funny ‘The Hawk’!

but how will this situation develop? It looks like the CPO was abandoned either for fear that it would be judged unconstitutional to attempt a CPO for non necessary purposes (art. 43.2.2) or because of the possible price. An admission of defeat.

This is not the only garden in the country with trees that overhang footpaths and drop leaves thereon. Tents have been known to appear in gardens for short periods. These complaints are tenuous.

I doubt that a McBrearty-style campaign of legal harassment is really a smart move.

Maybe the council should enter negotiations with the new owner of the square to lease the property from him for the purpose of providing a public park. As time goes on, his ownership is becoming more and more established through his use and enjoyment of the land.

Ultimately I imagine that the land will be sold at auction.

Could this happen again? Are there other mismanaged council leases or lands being lost by adverse possession? Nobody seems to care. Let’s just chase the culchie that outwitted a council official.

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