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Respect is an alien concept to people like NoG Hats have you not noted that Noel is not the type to have tastes like nice hats or follow any other vestiage of decent days past.

If Noel is running a campsite albeit without planning permission surely he would be liable to produce public indemnity insurance as his customers no doubt are owed a duty of care. Aren’t there Bord Failte regulations for the operation of same.

It is further noted that significant garden matter is littering the pavements in the vicinity and such garden matter has the potential to render the interefere smooth operation of the local drainage system.

I trust the local authority shall protect the rate payers and recharge any costs to the owner of the subject park at the very least and issue litter notices for the extensive garden matter which constitutes a significant slip hazard and could lead to the local authority being sued for allowing their pavements to be in an unsafe condition.

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