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@PVC King wrote:

Good to hear you are on metalic images given the poor state of repair of the railings and health and safety risks posed to the numerous children that walk past each day from bumping into rusty metal. If these railings were a car parked on the road they would be subject to an mot and if found to be rusty would be taken of the road.

Couldn’t agree more

At March 2007 valuations no doubt in your mind. The only value this park ever had in development terms was a ‘hope value’ for deluded fools unfortunately the only hope value in circulation is that the banking system will start lending again and that genuine development land might actually emerge from a hope value scenario to an actual realisable value. On this basis the current value of Dartmouth Square is nil; unless it were owned by a responsible owner and the value would then be €150,000 per annum security costs for a minimum 5 years (before the banks lend for speculutive land purchases of any nature) to give a current negative value of minus c€700,000 with a further discount to reflect the inability of almost all developers to fund this type of overhead say -€1m,

yes, that sounds reasonable. Do you think he will go for it? worth a try eh.He might agree to pay you in installments. What was that about deluded fools? Gormley has gone quiet again. No doubt he is still redrafting the constitution with the crayons fianna fail gave him. Bless him.

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