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@the hawk wrote:

If you cannot understand you should not be questioning the knowledge of others.

Having handled a 100 plus cpo files before concentrating on property asset management my knowledge of the specific sub-field is decent; however if I used an agricultural example when dealing with a commercial client I’d be fired for gross stupidity.

QUOTE=the hawk;82812]The principle of compensation should not be confused with the quantum. .[/QUOTE]

The quantum of what; we are not discussing big box rent reviews in a shopping centre.

@the hawk wrote:

The use and zoning of land has to be factored, but so too must other equally valid factors..

For example that no comparable transactions have occured within the last 30 years if ever and that no reputable development team in the City would touch it.

@the hawk wrote:

Its the amount of compensation that causes you to loose sleep. A jealous mind is hard to live with.

Its not jealousy its that I care passionately about the suburb of Ranelagh having spent some of the best time of my life there. What Noel O’Gara is proposing gives the development industy a very bad name and having development focussed clients on some instructions I want my connections to think of their personal qualities as opposed to a sorry excuse for a man like O’Gara who sells tiles from a caravan to annoy local families because they want a park for their children to play in. These people pay a lot of tax and they do not deserve to have a sorry excuse for a man insult them in this fashion in his warped attempt to create such a fuss that he is compulsorily purchased in a deal rationalised on the back of a major box.

@the hawk wrote:

Your angst is displayed in your request that I do not return to the forum. So much for open debate! .

My firewall protects from phishing scams; if I were moderator which I am not I’d ban you as a troll

@the hawk wrote:

What you seek is a commitee of fools. Or maybe my earlier comparison with Mugabe was more apt than I first thought. .

As previously explained to you a lack of regulation leads to $5bn sandwiches which when you think of it is a bit like the economics that O’Gara is trying to front in his valuations.

Zimbabwe dollars – O’Gara valuations

@the hawk wrote:

ps. How was I to explain injurious affection and severance to you if I were to agree to your request and not return to the forum. Private lessons would cost you.

Whats your charge rate per hour on paper and far do you exceed it on performance? You couldn’t afford my rates even if you were lucky enough to get a written opinion as a favour;

Hutton behave this guy/gal is making enough of a fool of himself by continuing to argue using language thats a good few levels above him/her.

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