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Land has an inherent value and its relationship with other lands, buildings and infrastructure is transitory. The likelihood of Dartley Square remaining as it is in three hundred years time is remote. Cities evolve and change is inevitable. I appreciate that regulation is required to give form to our built environment, but this should be done with the aid of land use zoning objectives in development plans which are reviewed every six years. To travel the route of legislation effectively ousts people from their lands, and the practice is more suited to Mugabe’s Rhodesia.

A more apt correlation is between the quantum of value of land and the appreciation people have for it. It is not merely measured in development potential terms, but also has to have regard to its aesthetic and amenity value. If such land is privately owned, I say that the owner has the right to be compensated if the use of that land is designated for public use, for his private enjoyment of his land is eroded.

In relation to the CPO I agree that the equation cannot be solved on the back of fag box. I disagree however that the valuation process should have regard only to development potential as I have outlined already. There is a reluctance to proceed with the established procedure to acquire the lands which was forced by the council. This is indicative of the bully tactics of the Council who is trying to mitigate its own ineptitude. “We will force you to sell but we will not pay what it is worth”
The legislative changes you speak of are fine once they relate solely to publicly owned lands. To impose such laws on private lands for the sake of this individual debacle amounts to nothing more than blatant bureaucratic back stepping. I fail to understand your point on intensification of use in relation to amenity land. Are you proposing jail for the over planting of geraniums? I am being flippant and I presume you are referring to unauthorised change of use, but your points on controlling alcohol consumption and the provision of insurance only copper fastens my belief that all amenity lands designated for public use should be in public ownership, and a fair price should be paid for the transition of such lands. What the landowner paid for these lands in the first instance is irrelevant.

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