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@ctesiphon wrote:

Hi Noel.

No I am not Noel nor do I have any connection to him.
What led me to comment on this site was the statement of John Gormley that he would introduce legislation to deal with Mr. O’Gara. This is an acceptance that legislation as it exists support Mr O’Gara. We do not live in Stalinist Russia or nazi Germany where we can introduce laws where we can deny to a person his property simply because it is desired by others. My advice is that the Council should independantly value the land with the aid of objective valuers assisted by legal and planning experts. This could be done outside the CPO process, and if this value is affordable then it should be offered to Mr. O’Gara. I am sure he would accept a reasonable offer at this point. The problem with some people is that they don’t want the park as much as they don’t want to see Mr. O’Gara profit. Pay the man what he is due or leave him alone ,or to put it straighter, piss or get off the pot

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