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@lostexpectation wrote:

what the situation with the park at the moment, can people access it, is it being looked after by the council?

surely never buying it is the best tactic for the council, and it’ll stay as is and o’gara doesn’t can’t do anything with it or get money out f it.

The thought struck me after reading Frank’s post it will rot should it stay in the current ownership and given the way O’Gara is talking there most certainly won’t be any planning permission.

There are other commercial uses other than housing that might accord with an amenity zoning. Other squares in the area have tennis clubs etc

The destruction of the nearby Mount Pleasant Square over time and subsequent incremental programmes of work over a 30 year period is exactly why you would not secure this type of permission.

The hope value has to be taken into consideration and many irish speculators considering a long game would be happy to buy it for a few million with an eye to the future. After all, development plans are issued every few years, people come and go from the administration of planning and local politics.

Expressly excluded by all relevant case law; the most compelling argument for the cpo is that the current use and zoning are all that can be reasonably considered and the zoning, situation in an ACA and tree preservation order would completely kill all hope value in the eyes of a valuer. I’m not saying that two agents doing a set of heads on the back of a beer mat wouldn’t find value after the 8th pint but hope value simply doesn’t stack up in the CPO arena. It is for that reason that motorway accomodation works settlements where the works were never completed often were the only way that farmers being cpo’d for motorway schemes got to make money in the last tranche of the NDP; i.e. I need a bridge it costs €2m; change your mind and cry oh just give me the funds.

Even a single house on these two acres with its mature trees and surrounding would be worth millions. Credit crunch or not.

I’m not so sure given that any hypothetical house would be single storey, set back in a way incapable of making a statement, have no carparking and no doubt have a planning condition to maintain the 2 acres in a manner consistent with an ACA with a massive liability to maintain all the trees covered by the tree preservation order. Then factor in construction costs, multiple planning applications and very poor demand for unbuilt residential property.

I’m almost coming around to the idea of waiting for a planning application and I have no doubt that no council in my lifetime will alter the zoning on this space. However should the existing fittings not be maintained the cost of reinstatment could be much higher and for this reason it is crazy that the cpo was not served.

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