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I disagree with PVC. Even a single house on these two acres with its mature trees and surrounding would be worth millions. Credit crunch or not.

There are other commercial uses other than housing that might accord with an amenity zoning. Other squares in the area have tennis clubs etc.

The hope value has to be taken into consideration and many irish speculators considering a long game would be happy to buy it for a few million with an eye to the future. After all, development plans are issued every few years, people come and go from the administration of planning and local politics.

O’Gara owns the land and his argument that article 43 protects his right to continued ownership is surprisingly strong – no moatter that he is not a lawyer. Some people are now forming the opinion that CPO may be unconstotutional in Ireland where there is no immediate infrastructural need. Read it yourself, particularly 43.2.2. I think it’s very clever of him to spot this.

Ultimately, the council is at fault here for neglecting their ownership of this former public park. I’d prefer some of the ill will directed at this negligence than at Mr O’Gara.

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