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@ConK wrote:

The square should stay. but I don’t think it is fair that the tax payer provides the funds when it is almost the exclusive benifit of the residents/property owners. Maybe the residents should do a Fitzwilliam Sq. on it and buy it.

If this logic was followed through the same could be said for many small residentially based parks around Dublin. In fact it could almost be argued that people living or working closer to Merrion Square are the people most likely to use it every day. This does not mean that those people should necessarily buy it and keep it as a private neighborhood square. You also take it for granted that everyone who uses the square would be able to afford to purchase it, or pay some sort of membership fees to use it. Basically what I am saying is that if this were to be the case, we might soon find that we are shorter on public space in the city than we presently are.

But what would be wrong with a completly underground car park but with the square much as it currently is. What harm? The City could refuse any building above ground level that wasn’t a fountain or a bench to sit on in the park.

Then it is to the benifit of parking in the area, but the residents won’t like the traffic.

I suppose because it would be an overintensification of the use of roads in a residential area, and would impact in a negative manner on the entire square. It could also set a precedence for other spaces like this in the city, but then again it seems to be ok for the Dail!

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