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Hi folks Im just new here tonight. Im looking for some advice if anyone here can help Id much appreciate. Looking for direction on damp proofing and old stone thatched cottage which is in reasonable condition. The cottage is white washed on the outside seems to be on pretty thick, probably over a long period. Inside walls dont seem to have dry lining, only evidence of dampness is flaking paint on lower walls in most rooms. One room in the cottage is a wooden floor which I intend to replace with as concrete floor, the rest of the cottage which is three rooms have concrete floors, unsure if damp proof course has been installed. There seems to be alot of damp proof products and experts out there but what systems/products are sure to work. The walls are maybe 2 feet thick , old stone so drilling could be difficult. By the way the thatched roof is in reasonable condition so it is not a problem at the moment. Single glazed steel windows will be replaced with wooden double glazing. Oh did I mention that the old budget is v tight.

I suggest you take a look at which has lots of practical advice for this kind of building. In simplistic terms, the walls of a building like this are designed to be water absorbent, releasing moisture to the atmosphere when it is dry, absorbing some when it rains. What often happens is that the original lime covering is replaced with an impermeable cement render. Over time this render develops cracks which allow water in without allowing the walls to dry. The water ends up working its way into the interior where it is then hidden with dry lining. I sincerely doubt that a DPC will be of any benefit to this kind of construction,

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