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@BrendanJ wrote:

Anyone have experience of building da Vinci houses – prices per sq foot, planning issues, quality etc…..

Architects/engineers: any knowledge of problems with compliance with building regs?:D

this is suspiciously similar to another system called huff haus

Wouldn’t be my cup of tea but for a kit house they’re actually not that offensive, certainly better than 90% of the dross you see around the place. There is a certain bavarian feel to them, as you’d expect. Bit of swiss chalet thrown in. The american web site is super scary though and it’s not surprising that 91 of the 94 photos are interior shots – stay well clear!! I suggest you take a few examples along to your next local authority planning love-in (usually 1 a month) and see what reaction you get.

I suggest you contact them directly and ask them what regulations they conform, price etc. They don’t look cheap though – my guess would be 180-200 euro / square foot. They’re german systems so you’d imagine they’ll conform to irish building regs. part L is the critical one.

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