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@kite wrote:

😡 City Manager, Joe Gavin put a proposel before CCC to Dispose of this house and the site behind for 2.5 million euro. Councillors refused to allow the sale but agreed a compromise to dispose of the site now built on for 2.25 million.
Joe Gavin value on Albert Quay house therefore seems to be 250,000 euro, any takers??? :rolleyes:
See CCC minutes item 4 below

Joe Gavin, obviously, is working himself up to a few neat stitches on his Bayeux Tapestery, aka The knitted Map of Cork, on this one. The forward palnning here has been a tour de force -first, disactivate the railway line, then disactivate the railway station, then sell-off the raiway platforms, then devalue the price of the railway station building by ensuring that it does not even have a back yard and then note everything in the Corporation minutes!!

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