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@corcaighboy wrote:

Aha – Woolworths closed in 1982/3 I believe. At the time, it was big news (even getting the headline in the Echo :rolleyes: . Everything was doom and gloom back then as Dunlops, Fords, and the dockyard all shut within the space of two years. Re your question: Yes, I moved from Hong Kong to Singapore around a year ago but simply forgot to change my location details on Archiseek. Singapore may be a Disneyworld with the death penalty, but they sure know how to do town planning, urban transport, and public housing. Certainly alot we could learn from them.

Thanks and yes, I suppose it’s no wonder Woolworths left Cork at that particular time. Urban transport keeps coming up again and again when it comes to Cork. I’ve seen villages with better transport links than what we have. Fingers crossed it will improve over the next few years.

@lawyer wrote:

I’m afraid that Patrick Street is now no better than a typical U.K. ‘High Street’ and will be worse when Roche’s Stores goes.

You make it sound as if U.K. High Streets are bad. Yes I think it will be a terribly sad day when Roches closes its doors, but when it comes to it, people want those British stores that are popping up everywhere, without having to go to London for the day shopping. Next, Debenhams, River Island, Argos…. what city doesn’t want to attract these? I think the crime of it is, is that they are all located on Patrick St. They would be far more suited to out of town shopping centres and leave home grown stores to Pana (excluding Dunnes and their manky green signage, those I’m just plain sick of). Oliver Plunkett St. is my favourite street in Cork. It’s one local shop after another and they are all thriving. It’s sort of a Catch 22 though, because if you take the popular stores out of Patrick St……. then who will shop there?

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