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@Jem Von Tirpitz wrote:

I have, many times. Actually through no fault of the stadium itself, Hill 16 for a Dublin game wouldn’t be the epitome of sporting passion. The one song repeated ad nauseum by (mostly) drunken bandwagoneers and day-outers. Great.

To expand upon a famous Corkonian’s lament at placid spectators could d’aul bleedin’ Dubs against whatever country team is in town be considered the breakfast rollers versus the hang sangwidge brigade, in terms of amosphere created:confused:

I’ve never been in the seats nearset the pitch but I had the pleasure of having to reattire a coterie of visiting provincial pals after a compromise rules game 3 or 4 years ago who were absolutely soaked sitting in apparentley dreadful sideline seats in the cusack stand. so much for cantilevering…

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