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check other threads here. The application for retention has no bearing on enforcment procedures. They are 2 seperate processes, even if they relate to the same development. We’ve had a few queries on this lately, such as this:

The problem here is that had they the resources to carry out the enforcement procedure within a reasonable timeframe, it wouldn’t be such a mess. There will be a fine, but the figure you quote is ludicrous 1150 for admin??? obviously they’re charging by the hour.
Quick answers to your question:
-Yes, the offence occurred and is therefore still punishable in theory, as far as i know
-I’m sure an arrangement can be made. This is hardly a major planning breach compared to what the likes of Jim Mansfield gets up to. But the penalties can be severe. Not knowing the law is no defense. As it’s always said here, professional advice should be sought at all stages in the development process, no matter how insignifcant it might seem
-Never ever underestimate the depths of the inefficiency rife within the Local Authority structure!!

Another major headache with these cases is the time it takes and the resultant stress and irritation.
Let us know how you get on with it…

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