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i thank you for your input, since this first emerged ive learnt a huge amount regarding conservationism and the theory behind this….. however my initial opinion still stands.

what i consider ‘significant’ is a building that, by merit of its citing and design, contributes positively to its surroundings, be it urban or rural. The description youve given above about ‘vernacular buildings’ is the exact problem i see with the system. Just because a building was built a certian time period in the past using (maybe) local material and local workmanship, should, in my opinion, not be case for retaining it in lieu of appropriate development… that is a human trait called ‘hoarding’, which can sometimes be pathological. I believe ‘vernacular’ should be an organic term that progresses and develops over the passage of time. The vernacular of streets should be allowed to progress. This of course, is my opinion, im not qualified in this department, but i would like to be considered to have enough knowledge to recognise that the situation ive given you above is improper. there has been so much ignorant work done to the building over the years to leave it insignificant… just because the walls may be wattle shouldnt be a reason to save it from the sledge….

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