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here’s a link to the CASP for the area;

here’s a link to the Cornmarket Centre’s ideas of the area;

and a quote from Radioactiveman from elsewhere in this site;

While we’re on the subject of the Cornmarket Centre, I’ve managed to finally get some images of what the finished product will look like.
From a retail point of view, it’ll comprise 17 retail units on 2 floors over basement on a c.1.5 acre site comprising the old Guy and Co. site and St. Pauls Church. The development will offer units ranging from 93 to 3716 sq.m for food fasion and entertainment uses.
There will be two large retail units at basement level (c. 1000 sq.m. each) along with parking for 66 cars.There will be five units facing on to Cornmarket Street at first floor level (the largest being 753 sq. m.). There will also be a mall area at this level with physical linkages to St.Pauls which will house a retail unit.There will be three retail units on a mezzane level with more on the second floor.
There are lots of rumours as to who is going to take some of the larger units, but they remain that at the moment. Irish and European are handling the retail letting.

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