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As a pedestrian, the Green Routes are useful. It is a lot easier to cross the road, footpaths have been upgraded etc. On the rare occasions that I cycle, they are helpful because there are few parked cars to go around. I’m not sure how much they really benefit buses. If you look at the number 6 Green Route, there are actually very few bus lanes on it. Although, they are beneficial in rush hour.

As for what is required, in the Developments in Cork thread, I said that the first priority has to be to get up to a 10 minute service on the city’s major bus routes – 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. That is a simple matter of investing in a few more buses and training up the drivers. While we can look at light rail systems etc., we won’t realistically see one in place before the middle of the next decade. That kind of improvement to the bus service can be achieved by 2008

There are a few things I’d like to see done immediately

  • No more buses waiting on Patrick St for 15 minutes – I used to commute from Douglas to St Luke’s every day and the period that the 7 was stuck on Patrick St drove me nuts. Just eliminating this waste could be the start of a more frequent service
  • Clean the buses – they are a disgrace, covered in graffiti, vandalised and just generally dirty.

As for wish lists for the medium-term

  • A separate Cork Bus company a la Dublin Bus. It’s clear that Bus Eireann have no clue about or interest in what is going on in Cork
  • Through ticketing. Given a 10 minute frequency, it becomes practical to use two buses to a destination. It should be possible to buy a ticket that does this
  • Consideration of transport hubs. For example, someone should be planning to divert/extend a few buses once Kilbarry station is open. The 1, 5A, 7 and 12 can all be easily be diverted/extended to link up with the railway there. If it happens it will surely be an afterthought 5 years after the station is constructed
  • Town bus services to be considered in Mallow and Midleton

That’s all I really have time to post now. Just don’t get me started on cycle lanes…

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