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Spinal Tap

@A-ha wrote:

When is all of that due to happen. It would make a huge difference. Those f*cking crossroads in the middle of the DC going into the quarry will be the death of people soon enough. It’s ridiculous!
Also read in the Echo the other day that Amgen want to develop a train station at their site in Carrigtohill, so employees won’t have to take their cars to work. It’s a brilliant idea, hope they get permission and Carrigtohill will go from a town with no station to a town with two stations. All in the name of pharmaceutical development of course.

Heard more about that Ryanair airport to be built in (or around) Killeagh. I have just regarded this as rumour now, but where is it that people are hearing it from, because it isn’t the first time I heard it. :confused:

Ryanair are an Airline and do not build or manage airports.

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