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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the new or proposed denser developments iin Cork are along what is perceived as a potential light rail route.Jacob’s Island, Eden, South Docklands, Victoria Cross etc.

I would also be sceptical about the business case for light rail to Carrigaline. If you could throw in Ringaskiddy as well, it might make more sense. Perhaps even a line that went Ringaskiddy, Carrigalin, Airport, Cork. But with the required tunnelling, embankments etc. that would probably be prohibitively expensive.

In some ways it’s a pity that conversion of the Midleton and Cobh lines to light rail wasn’t considered. I guess they were always kept as heavy rail because of the need to get goods trains to North Esk and Marino Point, but both those issue are gone now. Even so, some form of Karlruhe Model could have allowed light and heavy rail to share the lines and then have the light rail vehicles switch on to on-street running in the city. Also with the Karlsruhe model, you’d be OK to have heavy rail trains do Mallow-Cobh journeys etc.

But that’s water under the bridge now.. We should perhaps be glad that the Midleton line is getting built. I was out in the Glounethaune/Carrigtwohill direction over the weekend and work seem to be progressing nicely. That said, they’ve replaced the old skew bridge over the former Cork-Waterford road wit a new one that firstly doesn’t eliminate the skew (i.e. is still dangerous for road traffic) and which to my untrained eye seems incapable of having two lines pass underneath it. I know Midleton is initially being rebuilt as single track (OK because you can still manage a train every 15 minutes if necessary), but I was under the impression that all the bridges were to be built to allow double-tracks to be installed later if the situation arose.

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