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i think carrigaline has about 15,000 people now, you would also have all the workers in Ringaskiddy and the population of crosshaven but I take your point about the viability (I’d also like to see a cost breakdown of a light rail system train out of curiousity) – i just wish politicians would just be honest and say there arent enough people so its not viable –

definitely needs a greater frequency of buses and a nightlink – i tackled local councillors on this and they essentially have no power to do anything apart from writing strong letters – Bus eireann are not answerable to anyone so they dont give a hoot – the one scary power the councillors have is to rezone land, which they duly did in carrigaline recently and when i asked how could they do that given the unbelievable traffic, one councillor said they were afraid the developer wouldnt put in any recreation facilities where they rezoned – arent THEY meant to be in charge of what the developer does and not the other way around?

theres hinting now that even though part of the reason the Port of Cork were refused re Oysterbank was that there was no N28 road to cope with the traffic, now that the road might not be built unless the new port is allowed go ahead there! have you ever heard anything like it

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