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@mhenness wrote:

The NRA website would contradict what you are saying that the motorway network is not moving at pace in the Cork area. According to the NRA the Fermoy bypass is under construction and is due to be completed ahead of schedule. The Cashel/Mitchelstown bypass is to start this year as is the Cullahill/Cashel bypass. It is very likely they will be finished ahead of schedule which is normal unless there are some legal issues. The Mitchelstown/Fermoy section in in planning as is the Portliaoise/Cullahill bypass. I think this covers the entire N8 route. Of course this level of activity might not mean full steam ahead for you?

The Fermoy bypass will open in October.

The Cashel/Mitchelstown piece has been underway for over a month and will run from the Cork side of the Cashel bypass to a few mile the Dublin side of Mitchelstown.

Can anyone explain to me why we do new roads in 20 and 30 and 40 km sections. Would it not be more economical to tender for, say 150km? This would be a contract of sufficient size to attract large international groups who may be able to price more competitively on a large contract but wouldn’t be interested in the bitty pieces currently on offer (unless as a minority partner in a joint venture led by an Irish firm).

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