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With regards to the Airport debt, I don’t think that we got value for money with the new terminal and ancilliary works. Fundamemtal problems remain (runway too short, instrument landing system has not been upgraded to ILS 3 – this despite ORK consistently having the most inclement weather of all our airports, lack of airbridges so that pax still have to run for their dear life in the rain to a distant stand – getting soaked to the skin on an outward journey lasting approx 15 hours is not pleasant, trust me).
The debt issue is symtomatic of our government’s overall aviation policy (or lack thereof). The unions still see the airports (and our national airline) as their plaything and everyone else must do as they say. The cost structure at all Irish airports is still too high. Dublin is a shambles and Shannon is on life support thanks to US troops and such like. We presently have three seperate boards for each of the airports, but one management (the DAA). A complete joke would accurately describe our airport policy at present.
Finally, the funds generated by the sale of Great Southern Hotels will no doubt be funnelled back to the Dublin Airport Authority. I wonder would a third share of that be allocated to partially cover the expense of the new terminal at Cork! Also, I wonder does Shannon have to pay for its new terminal which was completed several years ago (and won an architectural award incidentally). Memories can be selective when neccessary and we can constantly feel sleighted at the treatment of each airport. Nevertheless, this country needs a viable and sustainable aviation infrastructure and it is the repsonsbility of the Department of Transport to ensure that the right framework is in place for this to happen. Sadly, their record is not impressive. As a paying passenger, I detest travelling through Irish airports as they are shoddy, dirty, cramped, inefficient, and with security that is more appropriate for Iraq than Ireland. Rant over!

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