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:rolleyes:Great to see that our city fathers have such faith in our public transport system that they plan to increase the cost of on street parking fees dramatically in an effort to force those who have not had the pleasure of using our light rail system, modern buses, and riverboats to do so.

Does this mean that our officials will use our transport system and forgo the unlimited free city center parking they enjoy? Given that we sold Navigation House to OCP at a 4 million discount to ensure free parking for city staff I would not hold my breath on that one.

Still our staff are extremely busy at present, and are working flat out to complete the ;)purchase (bail out) of unsold housing stock that is “building” daily, the last thing they need is to worry about is, if the bus will blown a head gasket again while stuck in suburban traffic!

Surely the tax payers in Cork have some comeback against the City Manager etc. regarding what I would call an abuse of our money in buying parking spaces for the City Hall staff and at the same time driving ( if you will excuse the pun) the ordinary citizen (who pay their saleries) out of the city by clamping, towing and disc parking in every available spot.

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