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Rather scary alright that that whole article in the Examiner with quotes galore from City Hall makes no reference, even long term, to light rail.

Didn’t John “Without Bertie’s kind offer of a Mercedes I’d be nothing” Gormley and his cohorts claim to have negotiated into the programme for government something about studies into light rail in Cork (and Galway?) within a year (?) of taking office? Any news on that? I’d say John Gormley will pull the plug on the Government if it is not done in time as he is all for principles and wouldn’t put keeping his own Merc (or Prius presumably) ahead of any other consideration. Not his style at all.

Incidentally, didn’t Gormley look lovely perched there behind Bertie the Hounded when Bertie gave us his “I’ve done the State some service” speech? Dan Boyle is going to have some fun explaining that image to Green voters in Cork South Central come the next election.

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