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I’d say anyone who disagrees with THE_Chris has never had the pleasure of driving the N20. The Charleville-Croom section is digraceful considering it links the state’s second city to its third and fourth. Last time I drove it, it took me 15 minutes to get through Buttevant. At least the N8 doesn’t pass through any towns now and is 2+1 for most of the route.

I live close to Charleville and work shift in Cork city so I go home regulary. The traffic and general road conditions betwen Mallow and Charleville and on as far as Croom are so bad I just don’t bother sitting into the car if its any way near rush hour – 1630 to 1700 – Instead I sit down and read a book. By the time I finish reading and drive home I’m probably arriving in Kilmallock at the same time but for far less stress. :confused:That shouldn’t be right but its Ireland.

And does anybdy know why they are digging up Buttevant, I can recall them doing the same thing less than 15 years ago?

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