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I think you’re at the heart of the problem with Irish politicians there. They actually spend money on studies and grand plans because it fools people into thinking they are doing something about problems.

Let me give you an example on this.

Recently talk has yet again emerged of a light rail system. I’m all for this, but really it’s not what we need politicians to look at now.

Even if a decision was made to build it today, we’d be looking at the following timeframe

Identification of routes would take until 2009
You’d then look at a public enquiry, which would take it into 2010
Then you need to get the legalities of the railway order/planning permission sorted out, so we’re talking late 2010
Put out tenders and we’re into 2011
And then judging by the LUAS it would take 3 or 4 years to build it.

So, even if the decision was made today and the funding was available, we wouldn’t see it in operation until 2014 at the earliest.

Now, if we go back to the last election. Imagine somebody has then decided to double bus frequency on every route. Even with buying busses and hiring and training drivers, we could be seeing benefits pretty soon.

The truth is that the grand designs hide the fact that politicians aren’t making the simple decisions that could mean a massive improvement in the transport situation in the city.

It’s actually hard to quantify my disillusionment with all the main political parties, their lack of vision and even their lack of basic planning and managerial skills. Sometimes I think I should get involved in politics because I could hardly do a worse job, but then when I look at the alternatives of being part of one of the parties that have historically failed us or being an independent with no power to influence or make changes, I just despair completely.

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