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Kite – memory is fading me here on this one, but I was strongly under the impression that the original terms of the OCP/McC Devs Mahon Point deal was that if OCP didn’t build the ‘Trade Centre’ then they would have to pay the penalty fee AND the land would revert to CCC ownership. CCC have backtracked now and said it was just the penalty fee …. however I do remember reading that it was an ‘AND’, not an ‘OR’ way back in Nav. House!!!

As for CCC equity in HH’s centre in the Dockland’s, I was also always under the impression that this was to be the case. However I’m pretty sure you’ll find that the ‘deal’ done has resulted in NO equity being taken by CCC – ‘Here ya go, poor impoverished HH, just take the money’!!!!! 😮

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