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Saucy Jack

@Pug wrote:

feasibility study on the Luas is welcome but when thats done, there will prob have to be a cost benefit analysis, then funding will have to be appropriated, then the thing actually built, its all a dripfeed of information to cover up the length of time these things take if in fact it will happen at all and we just get extra trambuses / bustrams, whatever they are calling them these days

Brian Cowen announced shamelessly the budget would provide funds for the Cork Midleton railway to be ready for 2009 (i.e. 2010), a project originally announced in May 2004. Was there any mention of Sarsfield Rd/Bandon Rd flyover, N28 to Ringaskiddy, Macroom Bypass, etc etc

Kent Station redevelopment was announced in 2005. In August 2007 CIE said a plan for the redevelopment would be ready “within months”. Shouldnt it have been ready in 2005?

Chatting to an old fellah retired engineer in a pub in Cork recently and he argued that Cork was more prestigious and better looked after under British Rule, infrastructure wise with tram service,trains,ports,dry docks,British Navy at Cobh,roads & rail infrastructure etc and that Cobh has gone into decline since the British Navy pulled out.

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