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One a London-Shannon return flight, Ryanair were paying a tenner less than Aer Lingus in charges and that’s before you take into account the higher fees dor landing at Heathrow. That meant Aer Lingus were not making a profit if they tries to charge the same price as Ryanair.

Considering Aer Lingus serve three major hubs from Cork, they’re definitely an airline Cork can’t afford to lose.

Any deal with Ryanair should be dependent on them slying to destinations that aren’t currently served from Cork.

Incidentally, I hear plans are afoot to sell some of the land at the airport. The problem is that it would prevent the short runway (the one that runs parallel to the access road) from being extended. Although that runway is little used at the moment, it would be far easier to extend it to a decent length for long-haul that the main runway. It would be incredibly short-term thinking if it happens.

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