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Just to clarify a few things, And I’m open to correction on this,

This proposal is for the ‘station’ portion of the Horgan’s quay site. The other half of the whole site is still with ABP on that appalling application submitted months back. I reckon we’ll see that withdrawn from ABP and a new design submitted to match this new station element.

The manor park proposal was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen submitted for permission and in fairness, CCC blasted it out of the water in spectacular fashion. It doesn’t have a hope in ABP. The reason such rubbish was submitted, in my view, is that Manor Park had an agreement with CIE to submit an application before Christmas of last year. This rubbish was submitted just to give the impression of movement.

While this new station proposal is welcome, it still needs serious redesigning to make it acceptable. A recent plan was published regarding doing a very similar thing for Ceannt station in Galway. I’ll believe both when I see them. I don’t believe CIE have the capability, will or Government support to proceed with either in a meaningful way.

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