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@jungle wrote:

That’s crazy really. The line is already there and in the case of Kilbarry in particular, the population is already there.

I thought these were originally slated for 2008 and now 2010. It must be true, Martin Cullen said it and his word is his bond. A prince amongst men who is totally misunderstood.:D

The dragging of heels on Cork transport is v. deflating. Perhaps the most depressing thing was when the Greens tried to get measures re regional transport in the programme for government they were told where to go. Pretty much guarantees no substantial action on anything bar the Transport 21 Plan for Dublin…I mean Ireland for the next five years at least. I think though that the Kilbarry and Blarney stations are in Transport 21 (they probably made a mistake and thought these were in Meath or Wicklow or some other Dublin commuter town so they slipped in by accident) ?

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