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The aircoach has typical ridership figures of 8-10 per coach every 15 minutes; the aircoach from Cork to Dublin I was on was much more successful with 22 people on it leaving Cork there were 12 still on the bus when it left Mitchelstown and 4 further passengers boarded en route to Dublin journey time 4 hours 30 minutes vs 2 40 on the train which had 9 coaches and people standing from Thurles in bound.

A Boyle articulated buses have failed miserably in Dublin and have been replaced as the latest gizmo by tri-axle buses; Dublin is still a Medieval City and Cork is little different.

You have further failed to address the attraction of light rail and commuter trains as against the image of buses as being the poor mans transport.

In relation to Cork airport being a Pork barrell it is only perceived as such because when the change from the centralised Aer Rianta model to splitting into three independent airport Authorities some genius decided that Dublin would be lumped with all the debt.

That approach is plain wrong and it is clear to me that Cork should shoulder some of the outstanding debt and that the taxpayer will have to write off a large chunk in relation to Shannon which in my opinion should be sold off to either DHL, UPS, Fed Ex or Maersk as it is infrastructurally a very good airport but does not have the population base to support the staff numbers that exist there. Given that Cork is operationally viable I believe that a proportion of the car parking should be leased to NCP or an equivelent company and all the new commercial space should be sold to the National Pension Fund at an appropriate yield of say 4% once let and the proceeds should be used to pay down the costs of constructing the terminal.

I would also consider that the construction of a €900m terminal of questionable functionality and poor user experience quality will have a larger impact on landing charges at Dublin than the annual finance servicng costs of the Cork Airport Debt which if the airport fails to grow traffic on the basis of dodgy accesibility to the City and lets be honest buses are not the norm at most European airports then it will represent a certain medium term default risk.

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