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QUOTE jungle:
“Also, if trams were ever to be brought in, the visual impact of overhead wires needs to be considered. I understand some modern tram systems can operate by charging up in outer suburban areas and then using this to operate the historical core of a city. That should be looked at if a system were to be put in place”.

😮 Wires hanging off Joe Gavin’s and that airhead B.G’s folly on Patrick’s Street would help hide those reject scaffold poles that replaced the originals.

Quote Pug:
“off topic but dick roche also gone from cabinet excellent”

😡 I am not a Greenie by ANY means, BUT that scumbag “Cock” Roche carried on the great Irish tradition of fucking with the electorate (signing ordres) hours before being told he is surplus to requirements.
(no wonder the guy was hated even by his own FF mafia)

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