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@jungle wrote:

The Cork trams were pretty much the same as the ones still used in Hong Kong. They’re shorter than normal, narrow gauge and double decker. That means they can take bends that are not practical for standard trams. In fact, the old Cork trams managed to operate to Sunday’s Well, which makes the bend at Daunt Square seem pretty easy.

That said, I’d be opposed to a light rail system using Patrick St.

Also, if trams were ever to be brought in, the visual impact of overhead wires needs to be considered. I understand some modern tram systems can operate by charging up in outer suburban areas and then using this to operate the historical core of a city. That should be looked at if a system were to be put in place.

With the Greens having sold out on public transport in the programme for government, I wouldn’t expect it any time soon though.

Even if they brought them back as a tourist attraction and fully functioning for the City folk of Cork it would enhance the city.

I have seen some photographs of Cork with trams ( no car traffic of course) and they looked good.

Some of the former Communist Block Eastern European smaller cities have extensive Tram networks.

This is Celtic Tiger Ireland, Wealthiest Nation,Highest GDP etc.?

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