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for disagreeing with you thomond ? hardly .

I hope for your sake that you are trolling and really do not think that you will get anywhere by telling people on a thread dedicated to a particular City that they must put their begging bowl away. I’m sure someone will coreect me on this but doesn’t Cork generate 31% of the Country’s GDP?

The good people who use the new ashbourne road should pay for every penny spent , with a nice juicy toll .

If the toll didn’t go in day 1 it isn’t going in ever unless a compuerised road pricing scheme is introduced nationwide.

regards buses , your defeatist attitude, while unsurprising , is depressing. Aircoach seems pretty popular to me. I think you have misconstrued ,current shoddy practise with potential.

I have not dismissed buses totally but it is a recognised fact that trains are more popular look at the user figures for the Luas Green Line and the predecessors on the Route such as the 44 48A etc. There is no way you would ever get people in formal wear to take the bus but it is a common sight on Luas and Dart in the evenings.

With respect to a transport connection between cork airport and cork city.
Reserving the two central lanes on the south link road , and segregating them from the other lanes through the use of those little plastic bollards, would sort out any encroachment problems.

Not going to happen the AA and chamber of Commerce would kick off wheras a Luas would have the enthusiatic backing of most if not all stakeholders.

Regards capacity. have a look at…ctCategoryID=1

As stated above in relation to the 44/48A there was plenty of spare capacity on these buses at all but peak times having more empty buses or larger empty buses solves nothing.

Finally trying to maintain that buses don’t work because there are too many bus stops is retarded. Nothing works if there are too many stops , be it tram train or bus

Do a comparison of the number of stops between the 44/48A and Luas Green line and it becomes obvious why one reaches Sandyford in 22 minutes and the other takes 45 minutes to do the shorter journey to Ballinteer, the constant stop start drives the time up signifiacntly.

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