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Cork South Docks LAP Infrastructure Strategy. (Draft, June 2007)

3.2.3 Public Transport
The provision of quality public transport services for the South Docks is essential for the implementation of the Traffic and Transport Management Plan, where services will compliment the provision of private car-based infrastructure.
Public transport stops will be located in each of the urban nodes identified for the South Docks.

A quality bus service is required for the South Docks, to promote sustainable modes of transport and to reduce the level of car traffic in the area, therefore the City Council will seek to provide a new bus service within the area. The route, as identified in Figure 7, will create a South Docks Public Transport Hub at the Centre Park Road. A possible future variation of this route can run over the Mill Road Bridge to the Kent Station interchange and then on to the Parnell Place Bus Station (subject to further study).

A separate report entitled ‘Light Rail Transit for Cork Docks – Feasibility Discussion Paper’ has proposed that the scale and density of development in the South Docks would strongly support the provision of a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system in the context of a larger system being justified for the city and its environs as a whole. The report also , highlighted the potential cost savings and benefits of the early delivery of an LRT to the area. An indicative route is identified in Figure 8.
However the LRT system must be compared with other alternatives such as Rapid Bus Transit ■ (RBT) in terms of demand analysis, modal shift, and cost benefit.

It is proposed to reserve a corridor for dedicated segregated public transport along the Centre Park Road and Mill Road, to ‘future proof it from significant retrofitting costs, that would be incurred if the route was not reserved, free from development at this stage.

It is essential that further study be completed for a high quality public transport system and on the potential of an LRT / RBT system for the Cork Metropolitan Area. Where appropriate, it is also critical that this system be introduced to the South Docks at an early stage, as this will significantly reduce the cost of construction and installation and ensure that the high levels of public transport required to sustain the levels of development anticipated are realized.

A LRT/RBT system can also provide a visual icon and symbol for the South Docks. The opportunity for the creation of a Multi-Modal Transportation Interchange at Kent Station, to which the LRT/BRT may provide a link, is desirable not only for the South Docks but for the entirety of Cork City in promoting sustainable commuting and travel. The provision of a system and other public transport initiatives will be essential to control demand for extensive provision of car parking which is not sustainable even the short to medium term.(see Section 3.2.5).

Pending the completion of this study and procurement of an LRT/RBT, it will be necessary to introduce a public bus system to link the South Docks to the City centre and other key demand locations. This service can be provided in conjunction with Bus Eireann or by the City Council operating under licence (similar to the existing Black Ash Park and Ride scheme).

:rolleyes: Any one else get the feeling that the buses with covered wheels are going to be the Cork Luas?

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