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a boyle

for disagreeing with you thomond ? hardly .

The good people who use the new ashbourne road should pay for every penny spent , with a nice juicy toll .

regards buses , your defeatist attitude, while unsurprising , is depressing. Aircoach seems pretty popular to me. I think you have misconstrued ,current shoddy practise with potential.

With respect to a transport connection between cork airport and cork city.
Reserving the two central lanes on the south link road , and segregating them from the other lanes through the use of those little plastic bollards, would sort out any encroachment problems.

Regards comfort (stigma) the use of airconditioning would sort that out.

Regards capacity. have a look at

The second link shows a vehicle with potential for doorways on both sides of a bus.

This opens up the prospect of in effect building a service very close to that of a tram (with faster times , as buses are permitted to go faster). With stops in the center of the road and at the edge of the road.

I would also point out that much of the discontent that exists with any public transport is due to the lack of airconditioning (luas included).

Finally trying to maintain that buses don’t work because there are too many bus stops is retarded. Nothing works if there are too many stops , be it tram train or bus.

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